Sweet Bird (sweet_byrd) wrote in public_voices,
Sweet Bird

Florida is attempting to destroy my sister's family!

My sister and her husband, have had their two infant daughters taken away from them by the state of Florida, and felony neglect charges brought against them. The tragedy is that neither my sister, Sarah, nor my brother in law, Brett, have abused their children. Concerned about their youngest daughter, Lily’s recurrent bouts of pneumonia, they took her to a local hospital. The hospital, finding rib fractures, contacted the Florida Department of Children and Family Services, who immediately took the children away from Sarah and Brett. However, it is the opinion of Marvin Miller, M.D., Professor of Pediatrics and Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Affiliated Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Wright State University School of Medicine, Dayton, Ohio, that Lily’s fractures are actually the result of variation of brittle bone disease and were not caused by abuse – and in fact may well have been caused by the hospital as they restrained her in order to X ray her!

The children remain in the custody of Florida despite Dr. Miller's report, and the fact that my parents have filed and completed an Interstate Compact Placement Request, which would place the children in the custodianship of my parents, instead of a state with an absolutely abhorrent record in caring for the children in its charge. It seems that Lily is to be their next victim, because by rejecting Dr. Miller’s diagnosis, the State of Florida is basically denying her the medical care necessary to treat this serious and potentially fatal disease.

My sister and her husband are now facing felony neglect charges for something they did not do.

I ask you to please sign this petition in order to help shed light on this situation – light is, after all, the best disinfectant.

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