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This is a community to post about petitions and boycotts that you feel strongly about.

Get the word out for your cause!

Post links to the boycott or petition!

(just please don't advertise other communities.) Please go to community_promo for that. Any community ads that I find in this journal will be deleted.

I was REALLY hoping I wouldn't have to do this, but...

I want this to be a place for people to come for support on their cause.

This not a debate community. If you don't agree with a petition or boycott that someone else posts about, then ignore it. Move on. I don't want to read a post/comment in which someone is trying to sway views and beliefs, as I can imagine, a lot of other people wouldn't as well.

Just keep in mind, this goes both ways. If you feel strongly about something, you really don't want someone making a comment to you basically saying, "I think your belief/view is wrong".

I want this to be a positive place to be. I don't want anyone to feel threatened or surpressed.

Positive comments are always welcome! ^_^